Being an Artist is a lifestyle. One does not require a creative occupation in the traditional sense; you can be an artist, and never have picked up a brush in your life. Artist is a mindset.


The Artist says: “I’m going after my goals; I will make my dream become a reality. I will succeed.” This is a journey in which the Artist needs a uniform. Think about it. The great inventors of our planet had recognizable uniforms. Pablo Picasso wore a white and blue striped shirt. Steve Jobs wore a black mock turtleneck, blue jeans and a pair of sneakers. Having a uniform is very common among people with an objective.

You may not be the founder of the cubist movement, neither did you invent the iPhone. You are you, the Artist, who is ready to achieve greatness on his own terms. And we all share something essential with these innovators: We all have an objective in life. And our outfit shows that we mean business.


The way we dress influences how we feel and act. And vice versa, we project our emotions and vibes through our clothing. So, there’s always a reason to dress in a certain way. But we don’t want to waste hours between our closet and mirror. No, the Artist can’t afford to waste time on his path to greatness. That’s why the Type Serif and Type Sans Serif are designed to give the Artist a sophisticated look instantly.  

So, in order to live and achieve his goals, the Artist needs a uniform. A uniform to go out to breakfast, lunch or dinner. A uniform to work on his projects in between lunch and dinner. A uniform to go out with the one he’s had a crush on for a while. A uniform to show himself and others that he’s on his journey to greatness. That’s how we live life in the Pacific Time Zone.


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This collection has nothing to do with a physical place or actual time zone. It’s a state of mind for a carefree, but ambitious lifestyle. In Pacific Time the modern man is the Artist. 

The Artist calmly works towards the top. This combination of ambition and calmness forms the heart of the Pacific Time Collection. The clothes, The Type Serif & Type Sans Serif, are designed to give the modern man peace of mind while he chases after his dreams and ambitions. In Pacific Time everything is possible. Inspiration comes to those who seek it.

When I released my women’s footwear in 2018, the idea was the same as today. The FOROUX client does not wear a product. Today, he is wearing a feeling, a vibe. An unforgettable feeling.

The collection is handcrafted in The Netherlands and took over a year to develop. The fabrics are Italian (from a presti mill called Tessitura Monti). They were finest poplin I could find. The color palette, white, black, lilac, and navy, are powerful colors that each capture their own vibes. They have character.

Finally, see and wear these clothes more like a double CD than a work of fashion. And experience this website (everything that follows after this message) as you would read through the booklet of an album back in the day. When you want to get in a certain mood, you play the music that brings you back to the vibe you’re looking for. That’s what this collection does: The Type Serif and Sans Serif are not just threads stitched together; they are two pieces that simply capture a feeling.

So, here’s to living the good vibes of life. I hope you experience many beautiful and memorable moments wearing these shirts. At the end of the day, that’s what they’re designed for.

Have a beautiful Summer & love,

Dani Foroux

P.S. Even if you don’t purchase a piece from the collection, I still hope you enjoy the experience of the collection on this website.