A blue sky emerges when the sun rises. A blue sky ends when the sun sets.

It’s all just time. An iPhone, an avocado, a cup of coffee, a relationship, a movie or album you stream, a season. All exist of time. An avocado goes ripe before going bad. A cup of coffee will be empty once it’s enjoyed. A phone stops working when it gets too old. A relationship ends when love fades. An album stops streaming as soon as the last track has faded. A movie ends when the running time is over; the screen fades to black and the crowd leaves the theatre. A winter ends and a spring begins.

At one point there’s a start: sunrise into day. Somewhere there’s a middle: a blue sky into a setting sun. At another point there’s an end: sunset into night. That’s how time flows.

Feelings and time are connected. Reminiscing about a past relationship might make us feel sad. We’re sad about the past, a time that has been. Thinking of a new person in our life might make us feel happy. We’re happy about the future, a time that might happen.

BLUE SKY, SUNRISE & SUNSET, by Dani Foroux, is about time and our feelings that flow from it. All this takes place at a couple’s glass beach house.

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