Women's footwear


Today, we’re a design company, creating women’s couture footwear and men’s ready to wear garments. But that’s not how we started. In 2018, we launched as a women’s footwear label, centred around one unique design: The Sofia. 


Designed for this era where those with a youthful mind are redefining the status quo. For those who keep pushing the limits of what we can wear in various places and spheres. For those who lead new movements and make life better for all of us.

Designed for those who work, have dinner and go to the after party.

It’s not necessary to change our shoes; instead we can focus on our outfits. Now, you can wear one pair of shoes during a full day, and don’t have to change for various activities. Work, dinner and after party. That’s how simple life can be.


The SOFIA is a fusion between a sneaker and stiletto. In other words, the silhouette brings together the casual and formal worlds of our day.


The SOFIA is handcrafted in limited quantities per year in SPAIN by crafts men and women. These specialists have also taken the time to understand the meaning and vision behind SOFIA.

These shoes are not only designed as practical footwear, but they are a piece of art. That’s why we’re proud that the SOFIA is part of the Virtual Shoe Museum’s collection. Experience it here.

Unfortunately, The SOFIA shoes are currently sold out. We’re anticipating to start production soon again. Feel free to sign up and we’ll keep you updated.