Her Favorite

‘Her Favorite’ is a romantic piece of art created by Dani Foroux that tells a timeless story of love and inspiration. Inspired by one specific summer morning at the studio, this artwork celebrates Dani’s muse and her favorite scent and shoe. 

The sculpture itself hovers above an opal white acrylate sheet, symbolically replicating the idea of a (lost) trophy, elegance and graceful beauty. Despite its delicate, wabi-sabi, appearance, Her Favorite carries meaning beyond the surface – it’s an homage to a special companion in life and tribute to the power of inspiration. At the same time, it highlights the beauty of imperfection. Dani created a fusion of perfect and imperfect by choosing contrasting materials such as clay, leather and plexiglas.

‘Her Favorite’ is sure to make an eye-catching statement with its unique combination of earthy texture and delicate balance. It’s perfect for any collector looking for an unforgettable experience that adds character, uniqueness, and beauty to their interior.


Ceramic Sculpture


40 x 30 x 10 cm | 15.7 x 11.8 x 3.9 in


One-of-a-kind piece & Certificate of Authenticity available


2023 (part of a series of sculptures that will be made between 2022-2024)